Vertical Machining Centers built to the highest industry standards.

Built for the highest industry standards, the Bridgeport® XR-Series meets and exceeds the demanding metal cutting market. The XR-Series Vertical Machining Centers combine the successful experience and advanced design concept the Bridgeport brand provides with the precision machine tool Bridgeport advantage in a newly redesigned high performance machine. Ideal for those looking for increased capacity, processing efficiency and better all-around performance.

XR 760 / XR 1000
Spindle HP (S6 40%) 26 kW
Spindle Speed (max) 12,000 RPM
Travels: X,Y,Z
XR 760
XR 1000

760 mm x 610 mm x 610 mm
1,020 mm x 610 mm x 610 mm
Working Surface
XR 760
XR 1000

1,000 mm x 600 mm
1,200 mm x 600 mm
Spindle Taper CT 40 or BT 40 or SK 40
Tool Changer 30 Tools (48/60 opt.)
Control Typ

Siemens 840D
Heidenhain 640 HSCI
Approx. Machine Weight
XR 760
XR 1000

6,450 kg
6,700 kg
Floor Space (L x W x H)
XR 760
XR 1000

2,150 mm x 3,000 mm x 2,921 mm
2,528 mm x 3,000 mm x 2,921 mm
  • 12,000-rpm Spindle Speed
  • CT40 or BT40 or SK 40Taper Spindles
  • BIG-PLUS Face Taper Spindle
  • High-Retention Draw Bar
  • Thermal Compensation
  • Chip Conveyor with Chip Washdown
  • Cutter Air Blast
  • Rigid Tapping
  • 4th Axis Pre-Wiring


  • 15“ TFT Display
  • Programmable Resolution .001 mm
  • Inch/Metric data selection by G-Code
  • MDI (Manual Data Input)
  • ShopMil
  • 3D Simulation
  • SINUMERIK Operate
  • Animated element operation
  • Easy Tool Management
  • Measurement cycles
  • Transmit and peripheral surface transformation
  • CYCLE800
  • MDynamics
  • Advanced Surface
  • Ethernet Interface (Data Transfer Capability
  • FTP
  • Part Program Storage/Data input/output on: 10 MB CNC memory, 6 GB internal Compact Flash, USB 2.0 and Network Drive


Heidenhain TNC 640 HSCI

  • 15” TFT Color Flat Panel Display with Soft Keys
  • Program Memory Solid State Disk (Minimum 21GB
  • Interpolation: Straight Line in 4 Axes, Circle in 2 Axes, Helix: Combination of Circular and Linear Motion
  • 0.5ms Block Processing Time
  • Data Interfaces
  • Heidenhain Conversational Programing as per ISO
  • Tool Compensation
  • Several Tool Tables with Any Number of Tools
  • Cutting Data Tables
  • Constant Contouring Speed
  • Parallel Operation
    Create Programs with Graphic Support While Another
  • Program is Running
  • Contour Elements:
    Line Segment, Chamfer, Circular Arc, Circle Center, CircleRadius,
    Tangentially Connecting Circular Arc and Corner Rounding
  • Contour Approach and Departure
  • FK Free Contour Programming
  • Program Jumps
  • Fixed Cycles
  • Coordinate Transformations
  • Q Parameters
  • Programming Aids
  • Actual Position Capture
  • Verification Graphics
  • Programming Graphics
  • Program Run Graphics
  • Machining Time
  • Returning to the Contour
  • Datum Tables
  • Pallet Tables
  • Touch Probe Cycles
  • Preset Table

Conversational programming features offered on the CNC control is the CNC control builder’s standard product, which may not fully support all machine functions. It is recommended the end user reference the control system documentation, or contact the control manufacturer, for further details of use or customization.